Shades of Pink Foundation relies on the generosity and support of individual donors, organizations and businesses.


Shades of Pink Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations to Shades of Pink Foundation are used to help breast cancer patients with monthly financial obligations, including mortgage/rent payments, transportation costs, insurance premiums, utilities, etc.  In-kind or material donations are also accepted.

Donations to Shades of Pink Foundation are tax deductible to the amount they exceed the value of any goods or services received.  Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

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To make a tribute in honor or in memory of someone, please indicate their name and a message for the family in the comments section of the donation form.  If you provide a mailing address, we will send a notification of your tribute.


Why Giving Matters

In addition to their diagnosis, women facing breast cancer face serious financial battles. The past few years have brought significant changes to breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment; however, these medical advances have come at a price.  The financial and emotional burden a patient carries throughout the treatment process can be detrimental to their recovery.  Even for patients with health insurance, raising medical costs and increasing deductibles and co-insurance rates have created financial hardship.  The average length of treatment for cancer is 7-8 months.  The average patient with insurance pays out-of-pocket medical expenses of about $1,500/month.  Studies have shown that most American families do not have adequate financial reserves to weather a major health crisis.


For further information on making a donation, hosting a fundraising event, and sponsorship opportunities, please email Jaye Sciullo, Executive Director, at